PORTACOUNT Pro the best OSHA accepted fit test method for:

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
Hospital–N95 Users
First Responders
Rescue Training

When emergency personnel respond, they want the peace-of-mind that their equipment will be working properly, providing them with the protection they need to perform their job. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the respirator. For it to provide maximum protection it must fit properly. AcuFit, Inc. performs a simple and accurate test to ensure that all emergency responders are being provided with the protection they need. We use the TSI PortaCount quantitative fit testing method. It provides an accurate assessment of fit, measures exact leakage into the breathing zone of the respirator face piece and we provide a hard copy printout for your records.

AcuFit, Inc. is owned and operated by
active members of the Long Island Fire Service.

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